Chemical Regulations Compliance

When you’re dealing with millions of chemicals with thousands of new ones added each day, working out which are regulated or controlled can be difficult. Add into this the need to be compliant across many different countries, each with their own laws and the task can become daunting.

Scitegrity’s experience in Drug Discovery R&D, Chemical regulations and Chemo informatics, combined with our massive database of regulations and controlled or regulated substance, cutting edge and patent pending technology and industry leading software in Controlled Substances Squared and ExpediChem makes this a simple background task for you.

Using our systems you can quickly check your chemicals against Controlled Drug & Precursor regulations, Military and Dual Use legislation, Strategic Export Controls, Ozone Depleting, Chemical Weapons & Precursor laws and calculate Import duty, Commodity and Tariff codes (HS/HTS) and more.

Simply enter your chemical structure(s) and see the regulated status and more within seconds. Best of all it works with novel and proprietary chemicals.

Our systems are used and trusted by dozens of the worlds top Pharma, CROs, Regulators, chemical manufacturers and suppliers - including 5 of the top 10 big Pharma. You can read some of their feedback here 


We are experienced scientists, data managers, regulatory experts and skilled IT professionals. We speak science, IT and chemical regulations and understand the needs of R&D companies, chemical suppliers and CROs. 


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