Controlled Substance Detection, Control and Compliance

When you’re dealing with millions of chemicals with thousands of new ones added each day, working out which are regulated or controlled can be difficult. Add into this the need to be compliant across many different countries, each with their own laws and the task can become daunting. Scitegrity’s experience in Drug Discovery, Chemo and Screening informatics, combined with our massive database of controlled substances and legislation, cutting edge and patent pending technology and industry leading software in Controlled Substances Squared makes this a simple background task for you.


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Having decades of experience covering the entire breadth of Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery process we are able to take on a wide range of projects – read some of our customer’s comments.

We are experienced scientists, data managers and skilled IT professionals, we speak science, IT and understand the needs of R&D companies, chemical and controlled drug regulations globally. Our expertise in scientific data management combined with our hands on experience in lab based research allows us to offer a service that understands the language of research, regulations and exceeds your IT needs.


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